About Us

Encompass detailed planning for mid to upscale construction

Our knowledgeable staff embraces ecological and environment principles whenever possible and strictly follows the green standards of recycle, renew, and reuse. Always expect efficient operations, thanks to advanced computer programs and protocols.

Learn why we have such a high reputation of excellence throughout the world. We take pride in working with honesty, integrity and donating to charitable organizations. You’ll receive the highest form of open communication and the lowest total cost possible.

You need top management and leadership

Our founder, John C. Farrow has completed interior and exterior refurbishments for over 25 years with the highest standards of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility. Bring your timeshare resorts into Federal and local compliance today.

We maintain all aspects of the construction process from small details to large schedules. Have peace of mind knowing our expertise includes problem-solving capabilities for challenges.

We do what we can to drive top and bottom line value for you by providing excellent construction and easy transitions from start to finish. We strive to achieve a compelling return-on-investment for you on every project.

We take pride in our long-term relationships. We always try to surpass our client’s expectations, and we understand the importance a good reputation. With that in mind, we will do what we say we will do on every project.

If you put us in charge of your interior and exterior refurbishments, mandatory updates or obligatory upgrades, you’ll know that your tenants and owners will have little disruption and provide positive feedback before, during, and after your project is completed.