Let us help with your entire project

You can work with a team that will make your refurbishment project simple and easy. Let us help with architecture and building design, interior and exterior services, furniture and fixtures, space design, signage, graphics, and more.

You can also work with us for excellent procurement offerings, brand theme stabilization, green and LEED materials, planning and budgeting, delivery and freight management, warehouse coordination, and much more.

Ready to handle all your renovation needs

Let us take care of all your exterior construction needs, including consultation, reserve studies, construction budgeting, site work, amenities, clubhouses, lobby and common areas, fencing, siding, roofing, and everything else from the ground up.

Give us a call today and let us help with your entire project. You can get the best landscaping and roofing from a group that understands your refurbishment needs.

Making Refurbishment Easy.

FARROW offers design, procurement and construction services to make your refurbishment easy. From master planning to electronics procurement, FARROW can handle all of your renovation needs.

Design Offerings

  • Architecture & Building Design
  • Interior / Exterior Offerings
  • Interior / Hospitality Design
  • Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment
  • Space Design
  • Signage & Graphics Design
  • Landscape Architecture / Design
  • Hardscape Architecture / Design
  • Master Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Concept/Theme Development
  • Design Build Services
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Green Building & Sustainability
  • LEED Qualified Professionals

Procurement Offerings

  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Brand Theme Stabilization
  • Green and LEED Materials and Products
  • Procurement Planning & Budgeting
  • Direct Buy Model from Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Competitive Bidding & Value Engineering
  • Delivery & Freight Management
  • Removal, Consolidation & Liquidation
  • Installing & Warehouse Coordination

Interior Construction Offerings

  • Consultation
  • Reserve Management Plan
  • Construction Budgeting
  • Demolition
  • Framing
  • Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC
  • Insulation
  • Drywall/Texture
  • Paint
  • Mill Work
  • Floor Coverings
  • Fixtures
  • Granite/Tile/Hard Surfaces

Exterior Construction Offerings

  • Consultation
  • Reserve Studies
  • Construction Budgeting
  • Site Work
  • Amenities/Pools/Playgrounds
  • Clubhouse
  • Lobby/Common Areas
  • Concrete/Asphalt
  • Fencing
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Ground Up
  • Landscaping/Hardscaping