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Farrow Commercial Construction is a builder and developer serving the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. Headquartered in Sonoma County, with over 30-years nationwide experience, we transform clients’ ideas and visions into award-winning projects. With multiple self-performing construction divisions under the Farrow family, we stand behind our projects with a developer’s mindset, maximizing quality, aesthetics, and returns. The Farrow guiding principles of inspiration, innovation, and integrity result in quality environments that lower expenses, mitigate risk, and surpass expectations.


Integrated Services

Strategic Planning

Our experienced team engages with you, our client, and the architect, engineers, permitting groups,  superintendents, and subcontractors so we are synchronized on the plan to achieve our goal of a positive build experience and outcome .

Energy Planning

Expertise in energy efficiency and environmental design to maximize sustainability, energy savings, and building.



Not just your builder, also a stakeholder so clients and partners rest assured the budget, schedule, completion targets, and quality are shared goals.



Interior design services for integrated planning and finishing to provide a smooth, personal, and predictable experience.


With 30-years nationwide experience, current on new, vetted technologies, multiple self-performing divisions, and long term subcontractor partnerships, we make construction easy.

Giving Back

Sharing resources and contributing to organizations dedicated to the support of meeting our community in places of need.


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