Our #1 goal is to get clients rebuilt and back home and back to business. To do that, we communicate with all parties honestly and transparently to ensure stakeholders are aware and comfortable with project plans”

— John Farrow, President

In the 2017 Northern California fires, Farrow team members and friends and neighbors suffered significant losses. Farrow shifted the business back home to Sonoma County to be a resource to the community. Three years later, with nearly 100 homes and businesses rebuilt, we are ready to put our experience and expertise to work for anyone seeking assistance in the process of recovery and rebuilding.

Insurance Expertise

Since working with many insurance companies, we have a team fluent in insurance vernacular and processes. Engage Farrow early for help with coordinating policies with rebuilding goals. We are pleased to work in tandem with owners and insurance underwriters to synchronize policy limits with rebuilding goals to establish budgets and identify critical path timing.

“After natural disasters like wildfires, high winds, floods and earthquakes, builders must focus on serving clients, while navigating the complexity of constrained resources, municipal codes, and insurance requirements. I worked with multiple builders after the 2017 Tubbs fire and discovered that none were as detailed and disciplined as Farrow Construction. Farrow asked the right questions regarding insurance to help owners make rebuilding decisions that fit their needs as well as their insurance policy limits and rebuilding budgets. Farrow communicated updates weekly to ensure we had the necessary documentation to continue to support our mutual clients. We have seen excellent results from the rebuilds that Farrow has been involved with.”

— Jeff Young, insurance adjuster

Fire-Resistant Building

Fire-resistant building is about safeguarding homes and businesses and gaining precious time. That is time to gather, prepare, evacuate and allow for firefighters to respond.

The loss and rebuilding process is emotional and complex and choosing the right partners can set your project up for a successful recovery. We are a service and building partner to home owners, commercial property owners, and insurance companies. With fire-resistant building, you can live and work in high-risk areas with greater peace of mind. We can help you get home.

Here are some of the fire-resistant technologies deployed for Farrow clients:

What You See:

What you don’t see:

Steel Framing

Homes are constructed with light gauge metal framing. Benefits include the following:

Metal Roofing

A few benefits of metal roofing include:

Conditioned Crawlspaces

Crawl spaces are constructed as an unvented conditioned space with closed-cell spray foam insulation applied on the inside of the stem walls and a concrete rat slab on the crawl space floor. The benefits of this system include:

Conditioned Attics

Attics are constructed as a sealed, semi-conditioned space with open-cell spray foam insulation applied in between trusses to the underside of the roof sheathing. Benefits include the following:

Stucco Exteriors

Homes are stuccoed with a 3-coat, acrylic system that contains crack isolation, a medium smooth finish, and integrated color system.

Fire Sprinklers and Alarm

All homes are equipped with automatic fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Rated Windows

All windows are tempered. Benefits include the following:

Battery Backup Garage Doors

All garage doors openers have a battery backup power supply so in the event of a power outage, garage doors can be operated normally

Fire-Resistant Landscaping

Landscaping is designed to be fire tolerant by:

“I am very grateful for you, John, and your excellent construction company. Before the fire, we had old, tired, and dated homes and as we found out, they were combustible too. Every single one of our 46 homes burned completely in 5–7 minutes each, like tinderboxes. After the fire, I cannot thank you enough for my beautiful, fire resistant, state-of-the-art custom home. To quote my neighbors, “John wouldn’t know how to build anything other than a well-built beautiful home.”

– Miriam Norman